Open debate

Smart Learning Ecosystems as Engine of the “new normality”

June 25

Smart learning ecosystems are such if they guarantee the wellbeing, the personal development and the fulfillment of all actors involved in the educational processes and if, at the same time, are capable to foster social innovation and territorial development.
During the pandemic all learning ecosystems and related educational processes have experienced sudden and disruptive changes. After a certain number of months they have reached a sort of steady state where physicality and virtually from one hand tend to be integrated and from the other tend to fight to overwhelm each other. The centrality of the learning ecosystems as both social dumpers on one hand and promoters of social interaction on the other has taken the stage placing in the background their role as engine of individual and territorial growth.
The notion of quality of the learning processes and that of smartness of learning ecosystems, together with their relevance for the territory, are open to the discussion and for exploration as never before since the time of the industrial revolution.
The “new normality” toward which we are moving demands for a phase transition that one can consider completed only when many factors will be balanced to preserve the centrality of the students as individuals and their relation with the community of belonging.
Thus the understanding, the models and the implementation of smart learning ecosystems are of paramount relevance for what will be the “new normality” … at present under construction.


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