Open debates


Competence based learning as an essential foundation for European citizenship, wellbeing and democracy.

June 5th – h: 15:30 – 17:30 CET  (16:30 – 18:30 Bucharest Local Time)

The transition to Content Based Learning and Curricula to the Competence Based ones is a challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for the entire world to promote sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles together with “human rights, gender equality, the culture of peace and nonviolence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity”. This is a priority also for Europe.
The COVID-19 pandemic, among the rest, has also shown how unfair European education can be, President von der Leyen announced in her 2021 State of the Union address that digital education and skills “need leaders’ attention and a structured dialogue at top-level”. Responding to this call, in October 2021 a project group of nine Commissioners announced the launch of the Structured Dialogue with Member States on digital education and skills that will deliver on Action 1 of the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027. Moreover the European Commission presented a Digital Compass for 2030 including two ambitious digital skill-building goals: equipping 80% of adults in the EU with basic digital skills, and more than doubling the number of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals to 20 million.
It is a lot but not enough because the digital skills are only a part of the needed competences to promote all over Europe citizenship, wellbeing, democracy and the achievements of the SDGs.
Panelists of this open debate will discuss and reflect on visions, frameworks and key enabling factors to make competence based education effective and inclusive to achieve the aforementioned goals. How can the implementation of competence based education supported? How should competences be recognized and certified? How can targeted research and exchange of knowledge contribute to advance competence based education?


Yves Punie – EC-JRC
Carlo Giovannella – ASLERD & University of Roma Tor Vergata
Oscar Mealha – University of Aveiro
Elin MCCallum – Bantani Education
Arianna Sala – EC-JRC
Stefano Tirati – Learning Digital

Chair: Stefania Bocconi (ITD-CNR Genoa)